Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Groups

What is DBT Skills Group?

The focus of DBT Skills Group is on providing alternative coping skills to maladaptive behavior and skills to improve the quality of life. Clients learn skills to cope with stress, stabilize mood, manage intense feelings, control impulsive behaviors, live in the present, and maintain healthy relationships.

Listed below are our current DBT Skills groups:

- Adult DBT Skills Group is Tuesdays at 12pm, facilitated Savannah Larson, MS.

- Adolescent DBT Skills Group is Wednesdays at 4pm, facilitated by Shawna Marshall, MA, LPCC.

Individual DBT Skills sessions are also available. 

Email info@luvernecounseling.com or call 507-449-6105 with inquiries or to sign up!

For more information on DBT, please reference the following link: